Sculpture Garden

Visit our New Sculpture Garden.  The grounds, gardens, and orchard provide tranquil settings for large-scale outdoor sculpture produced by some of Arizona’s premier sculptors.  The works are on loan by the artists and a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of their pieces benefit the Shemer Art Center.


MATERIALIZE: 3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping

October 16 – November 27, 2014

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 16 7-9pm



About the Exhibit

MATERIALIZE at the Shemer Art Center, opens to the public October 17th and continues through November 27th. The exhibition strives to educate artists and the public about new digital tools used to create art. Artists were challenged to create original works using the capabilities of 3D printers which has resulted in an exciting variety of objects. 3D making solid objects from conceptualized ideas. The idea is computer generated to an image that is fed to a 3D printer that lays down thin layers of material to build the object. Artists have found that it presents exciting opportunities to explore the 3D dimension.