Planned Giving


Many individuals  “Fall In Love” with the Shemer Art Center each year for a variety of reasons – they became artists themselves, their children benefited greatly from participation in arts activities, or they simply wanted to support the many talented artists in Arizona that the art center showcases and sustains through a variety of programs.

For those who are interested in leaving a legacy we can help fulfill philanthropic dreams and provide vital services to the Shemer Art Center by designating a gift through a will or living trust.

A bequest or living trust is 100% tax-deductible from an estate and ensures that all heirs will be financially provided for, alongside supporting a great charitable cause like that of the Shemer Art Center.

Funds can also be specified for specific uses, such as supporting specific programs, creating a scholarship or helping establish an endowment.

If you are interested in leaving a legacy and making a commitment to the future of the Shemer Art Center please contact our Interim Executive Director Shonna James.  She can provide additional information and make arrangements to publicly memorialize your contribution, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

For further information email or call (602) 262-4727

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